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About Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

Our mission is to raise awareness and provide resources to support birth parents in crisis.

The Colorado Safe Haven Law

 The Colorado Safe Haven Law allows birth parents to legally and anonymously surrender a newborn at a fire station, hospital, or emergency clinic within 3 days after birth, ensuring that mothers in crisis have a safe place to leave their baby.

FAQs – How To Surrender My Baby

Q: What is the Colorado Safe Haven Law?

A: The law allows a birth parent to hand over an infant, up to 72 hours (3 days) old, to any fire station, hospital or community clinic emergency center personnel. (Urgent Cares are NOT Safe Surrender Locations). The process is entirely anonymous.  You will not be prosecuted for child abuse or abandonment as long as the baby is unharmed.

Q: Can I just leave my baby?

A: For the safety of the baby, no. You must give the baby to a person face-to-face at the hospital or fire station. If you are unable to surrender the baby, the father can hand the child over.  

Q: Will I have to give any information?

A: As the Safe Haven Law states, the baby can be surrendered anonymously.  You can ask that your identifying information not be shared in relation to the voluntary surrender. Download Voluntary Medical History Forms Here

Q: What happens to my baby?

A: The hospital, community clinic, or fire station will provide complete care for your baby. They will contact the local Departments of Human or Social Services, who will take custody of the baby and place it with a pre-adoptive foster family.  

Q: Will they call the police on me?

A: No. The authorities will not be called as long as the baby is unharmed and 72 hours old or younger. It is legal to hand your baby over to on-site personnel. 

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: Your baby could be returned to you after your parenthood has been established and a judge orders that the baby can be safely returned to your care. 

Your Legal Rights

The Colorado Safe Haven laws aim to provide mothers in crisis with a safe place to surrender their unwanted, unharmed newborns, free of legal persecution for child abuse or abandonment. 

The Safe Haven Law has been in effect in Colorado since 2000.  Colorado has witnessed the safe surrender of 87 infants.

About Us

Our primary mission is to raise awareness about Colorado’s Safe Haven law, offering a vital solution for parents facing overwhelming circumstances. Find out how Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns is dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the well-being of newborns in our community.


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