Stories About Lives That Have Been Saved.


The Colorado Safe Haven for Newborn Story

During the summer of 2003, the Denver area witnessed the tragic discovery of three infants who had lost their lives. The lives of these babies could have been spared if their mothers were aware of the Safe Haven Law. Motivated by this heartbreaking incident, a group of compassionate individuals united to establish an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the Safe Haven Law. Their vision is to prevent infant deaths resulting from abandonment by ensuring that more people are informed about this vital option.

The Safe Haven Law has been in effect in Colorado since 2000.
Colorado has witnessed the safe surrender of 87 infants.

Go to the National Safe Haven Alliance website
to see the number of babies safely surrendered nationwide!

Halle’s Story

Halle is one of Colorado’s first Safe Haven babies. Watch the video below to view her heartwarming success story.